List of Equipment Systems

  • Belt Coater
    Our Belt Coater is engineered to deliver uniform coatings of chocolate, yogurt and sugar solutions to a variety of base products such as nuts, fruits, candy cores, cereals, etc.
  • Chocolate Spray Head
    Belt Coater with custom chocolate spray manifolds.
  • Centrifugal Batch Coating System
    Fully automated batch or continuous batch coating system. Unique centrifugal coating action is ideal for products such as dough-coated peanuts, flavored coffees, nuts, sunflower seeds, etc. (Previously MSIV)
  • Dustless Coating Drums
    Coating drum designed specifically for controlling line-to-line allergens.
  • Flipping Conveyor
    For coating Meat and Poultry. See video.
  • Master Series Tank System
    Engineered mix/use liquid blending and supply station. Isolating the mixing process in separate mix and use tanks improves the consistency of the blended product. The entire tank system can be heated or chilled, and can be located on a skid making it self-contained and easy to handle.
  • MetermasterTM Salt Applicator
    Dispense powdered and granulated salt over product on a moving belt with consistent and repeatable accuracy.
  • Micro-Meter ITM Airless In-Drum Liquid Applicator
    Complete gravity fed, pulse operating spray system, designed for accurate and reliable application of liquid coatings inside a coating drum. (Previously named MS1 - Master Series I)
  • Micro-Meter IITM Airless Belt-Top Liquid Applicator
    Designed for accurate and reliable over-the-belt or top-and-bottom delivery of liquid coatings on oven bands, dehydrator belts, and in pan and cavity applications. (Previously named MSII - Master Series II)
  • MS III-S Continuous Spray System
    Achieve a perfect spray pattern with less misting and overspray (Previously named Continuous Oil Spraying System)
  • Pan Oilers: Econoflo® & Commercial Bakery
    Versatile, high speed, EconoFlo® pan coating system provides metered, accurate, uniform oil application on up to 300 cavities per minute. Commercial bakery pan coater is a user friendly spray system perfect for small to medium-sized bakeries.
  • Scarf Plate Distributor
    Optimizes product coverage by providing an expanded, controlled curtain of particulates, either inside a coating drum or across a conveyor or belt.
  • Side Vented Coating System
    Designed for continuous high volume application of water and solvent based coatings to a variety of products. Available in different sizes.
  • Slurry "Clog-free"TM Spray System
    Spray virtually any pumpable slurry, including sugar, syrup, chocolate, oil, or emulsion. Available in different sizes.
  • Soft Flight® Coating Drum
    Coating drums designed and engineered specifically to your product requirements. Variable tilt frame assembly and product flight design exposes each piece of product to the application of liquid and dry coatings.
  • Two-Stage Coating System
    The Two-Stage Coating System provides consistent, uniform application of liquid and dry coatings on extruded, baked, frozen, and fried products.
  • Uni-spense® I & III
    Precisely distribute powders, granules and other products inside a coating drum, a blender, or over a conveyor belt.
  • Vibratory Product Feeder
    Deliver a consistent metered flow of base product into your coating drum, auger or blender.