Facts & Features of Continuous Spray Systems

Continuous Oil Systems are not new.  Spray Dynamics introduced the first Continuous Oiler applicator to be used in the Manufacture of Food in the late 1960ís.  National Foods in Dubai (UAE) purchased a Continuous Oil Sprayer in 1980 and it is still in use today spraying oil 12 hours per day six days per week!
Bold Facts  
nOil Application will be affected by:
  • nDwell Time inside a Coating Drum
  • nNumber of Nozzles inside the coating drum
  • nDroplet Size
  • nJust because you can spray the volume with two nozzles doesnít mean two nozzles is the correct amount
  • nMust look at the time each piece is exposed to the oil spray
  • nTemperature of both the oil and the base product


Master Series III Continuous Oil Systems  
  • nSeries LC One (1) shut off for entire spray bar (Air Atomizing)
  • nSeries S Individual shut offs for each nozzle (Air Atomizing)
  • nSeries 2 Two hole Nozzles


Series LC Features  
  • nMust be used with a flow meter or a PD pump and catches done
  • nNo Clean-Out Pins so Oil must be pure and not have particulates that could plug nozzles
  • nNot easily Heated for High Melt Oils


Series S Features  
  • Use if Individual shut off or a quick Positive Shut off is important to your operation


Series 2 Features  
  • nUP to 30% oil addition in a Coating Drum
  • nCan Spray High Melt Oil
  • nLow Misting
  • nUses NO air for breaking up the oil
  • nNeeds Flow Meter
  • nTypical Applications
    • RTE Cereals
    • Crackers
    • Croutons